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Anonymous Asked:
What are the top 10 things that you wish you would've known freshmen year?






Well, these are James’s answers. Some of these aren’t specifically about being a music major, but I think it still counts for something.

  1. Practicing actually makes you better if you’re willing to do it. Practice habits are also hard to learn. Ask your teacher about how to effectively practice.
  2. You’re not going to hopelessly fall in love your freshman year of college. You’re just not.
  3. You’re not actually a baritone. It’s just those 9:00 AM lessons.
  4. Going to class is a lot harder when you don’t HAVE to go. Get in the habit of going.
  5. Those tight pants you’re wearing aren’t going to fit you after this year because a lot people gain weight AFTER they get home from their first year of college.
  6. Piano is hard. Practice it so it gets less hard.
  7. Your entire value as a human being and member of society isn’t invested in your major. Go explore other things while you go to school. You’ll enjoy it more.
  8. You can’t go drink for drink with the upperclassmen or you’ll wake up down the street from campus.
  9. Your teachers are genuinely nice people if you get to know their reasons for going into higher education. Be nice to them. They can help you a lot more with your future than you think.
  10. Just like how you’re trying to figure yourself out while you’re at school, so is everybody else around you. Those people you hung out with last week at a party might fuck you over because they don’t know what they want. People are going to say and do mean, stupid things. It’s your job as a human being to grow from it and learn to roll with whatever crazy, stupid, fucked up punch life can throw at you physically, socially, or mentally.

Coming from a rising senior (vocal performance), quite frankly, at least four of those “10 things” are misleading or downright incorrect. I can usually tolerate your posts, but it’s unspeakable of you to mislead a trepidatious incoming freshman while trying to craft an aura of knowledgeability about yourself.  Your advice is quite negative and is clearly coming from a place of hurt.  Allow me to offer a positive spin on the life of a music major so that you don’t potentially cripple some kid.

1.  While it is highly UNLIKELY that you will fall hopelessly in love your freshman year of college, it is entirely POSSIBLE, and if that is something you want for yourself, you need to be open to the possibility.  I did, and my girlfriend and I had an extremely fulfilling, long-term relationship until distance got in the way; although we had to break up, we were extremely compatible on many levels and are still very close.  However, the only way that this was achieved wasn’t by looking for it or “trying too hard” - rather, I did a lot of soul-searching and figured out who I was independently of anyone else, which made me more self-confident.  That self-confidence was really hard for me to find, seeing as I’m a bisexual woman who grew up in a Catholic household; my freshman year was a very confusing time for me, but through learning to accept myself and opening myself up to new experiences, I figured out who I was and love found me.  My amended advice to your anon would be to spend a lot of time with yourself, get to be very comfortable with who you are, inside and out, and allow yourself to have a good time and step outside of the box.

2.  The fact that you aren’t a baritone has nothing to do with your lesson scheduling, and I refuse to allow you to be the cause of some poor incoming freshman’s mental breakdown when they get an early lesson.  For one thing, early lessons are actually a good conditioning exercise, because you will almost NEVER have the opportunity to sing an audition or perform when you’re having a “good voice day.”  (Trust me on this one.  My “good voice days” come when I have nothing better to do with myself and a performance is nowhere on the horizon.)  With that in mind, you need to learn to sing in unideal circumstances and to appreciate the unique challenges that things of this nature can offer you.  ADDITIONALLY, you probably discovered that you’re not a baritone because you began to acquire real vocal technique, which opened new doors for your voice.  Amended advice: Dear Nonny, try to find the good in everything that happens to you.  Think of every lesson as a masterclass: say “yes” to everything your teacher tells you to try, and if it doesn’t make sense or doesn’t work for you, tell them.  They’re there to teach you and to help you grow, and by shutting yourself off because something isn’t working, you’re only hurting yourself.  Furthermore, if something seems too easy for you - i.e. if you’re singing art songs or working on études that aren’t particularly hard - then you’re probably not doing them right.  There is a challenge and a lesson in everything you do in this musical life, and finding those challenges can only make you a better person and a better musician.

3.  The fabled and much-afeared “freshman 15” situation is different for everyone, and frankly, you can make those tight pants fit you all year if you create good habits early in your college life.  Amended advice: Find a gym and a work-out buddy and get in the habit of going on the regular.  I’m not talking every single day, but if you go every other day or join a yoga or Zumba class, you may actually lose weight your freshman year.  Also, if you have someone to go with, not only does it keep you accountable to someone, it doesn’t feel as hard when you’re going for a while on the elliptical.  Believe it or not, I actually dropped about 30 pounds in the summer between my freshman and sophomore year, and I’ve been able to lose an additional 15 or so during the school year by going to the gym with my roommate (we’ve made a “Pact to Get Jacked” together, lol) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  My school also sponsors a Zumba class, of which we’re regular attendees.

My dear friend, I hope that this helps to supplement your advice, and I wish both you and your anon much success and fulfillment in your musical endeavors and beyond.  :)

You’re so condescending it’s embarrassing. Somebody asked me about things that I WISH THAT I HAD KNOWN going into my freshman year of college. Of course these don’t apply to everybody. If they don’t apply to you, you should be smart enough (being a rising senior Vocal Performance major) to move past it without being rude. I answered them with honesty and you’re a dick and a half for saying that you don’t tolerate the answers I gave. 

These original answers are spot on. I agree with every single one of them!

Shocker that the condescending answers were given by a vocal performance major… Not. Do us all a favor and don’t be your stereotype like you just were. Not all vocal performance majors are condescending jerks, but you just filled the stereotype and was one. Oops.

Well, God bless you for “tolerating” our posts (: if you have an issue with the way I or James answer questions that apply to only ourselves, allow me to kindly direct you to the unfollow button so you can no longer be bothered. Maybe take a break from tumblr altogether. Then you can focus on yourself and your life. Perhaps learn how to not be such a condescending, rude bitch like byyyye.

Anonymous Asked:
My roommate and I are constantly flirting even though he says he's straight, and idk how to feel about it, because we've recently begun to be physical and like cuddle, and he's really cute, but I DONT want to fuck up our dynamic or our living situation if he fucks me. What do I do?

I mean, the whole not wanting to ruin the current relationship thing goes for any and everytime someone falls for their friend. If he says he’s straight maybe he has some things to sort out on his own if he’s giving you different signals. Maybe you should consider bringing up how you feel? I dont know, its a tough spot to be in :/


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First episode of Orange is the New Black: Wow this theme song is long

Eid Mubarak! May Allah accept our good deeds and fasts, forgive our sins and let us see next Ramadan. May He send His Mercy upon all of His creation. Ameen. 

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